ESSAYS are short reports on instructional research and practice. Written to be accessible to graduate students and faculty.

How to cite: [Essay Author(s)] (2013). [Essay Title]. In S. Hauk, N. M. Speer, D. Kung, J.-J. Tsay, & E. Hsu (Eds.) Video cases for college mathematics instructor professional development. Retrieved from

Reflections on Using Cases
Guidance for facilitating activities that are case-based materials.
Group Work
Synthesis of the big ideas behind teaching with students in groups.
Focused synthesis of theory about how people learn.
Knowledge Used for Teaching College Mathematics
Background and examples about the kinds of knowledge used for teaching.
Question Strategies
Research-based report on questions in teaching college math.
Journal of a Math Teaching Assistant
Research-based report on TA experience.
Mathematical Autobiographies
Research-based report on studentsí experiences learning math.
Mid-Term Evaluations
Research-based report on reading and responding to student evaluations.
Research-based report on WebWorK as an example of technology use.