CASES are 40-60 minute activities rooted in video vignettes from college math classes or office hours; case materials include Facilitator Guide for the person leading the case activity.

Establishing classroom norms and setting the tone for learning in class using various first-class-meetings of instructors from calculus, college algebra, liberal arts mathematics.
Unpacking the communication as instructors work with student groups in calculus.
Exploring student thinking through a look at one student group working on a newly introduced calculus concept: anti-derivative.
Developing strategies for using student feedback - interviews with instructors about student evaluations of teaching in college algebra and statistics.
Making the most of one-on-one time by eliciting and responding to student thinking.
Strategically selecting and sequencing students' ideas to scaffold whole class discussion - a look at experienced and novice instructor implementations of the same activity in geometry.
Exploring purposes and consequences of different approaches to assessment and grading - a teaching seminar conversation among instructors of college algebra, liberal arts mathematics.
Orchestrating a student-centered whole class discussion in an introduction to proofs course.
Diving into the differences between how instructors discuss mathematical ideas and how their students do - interviews with instructors and their students.
Examining students' thinking as they determine whether a particular infinite series converges.