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Watching authentic video of mathematics teaching enlivens any professional development program and catalyzes deep conversations about pedagogy. Partnered with research-based readings, these video cases (accompanied by facilitator guides) help college mathematics instructors build their knowledge of student thinking and advance their strategies for engaging students.

Table of Contents

Case Selection and User's Guide

  1. Suggestions for selection and pacing of the materials - with case combinations and connections to the Boston College Case Studies text.
  2. Illustrated user's guide - How to prepare for and use the video cases.
Video Cases
  1. The First Day of Class - establishing classroom norms and setting the tone for learning in class.
  2. Facilitating Group Work - examining instructor-student communication during groupwork.
  3. Inside the Group - exploring student thinking as students work together and discuss a new idea.
  4. Processing Student Feedback - developing strategies for using student feedback to improve teaching.
  5. Office Hours - making the most of this important one-on-one time by leveraging student thinking.
  6. Choosing and Ordering Student Work - strategically selecting and sequencing students' ideas to scaffold a whole class discussion.
  7. Grades and Grading - exploring various purposes and consequences of different approaches to assessment.
  8. Leading Whole Class Discussions - orchestrating a student-centered whole class discussion.
  9. The Communication Gap - diving into differences between how instructors discuss mathematical ideas and how their students do.
  10. What Do They Really Get? - exploring student thinking as students determine whether an infinite series converges.
Short reports on theory and essays on research informing practice
  1. Reflections on Using Cases - Four professors talk about their use of cases for instructor development.
  2. Group Work - Synthesis of research on the use of groupwork in teaching.
  3. Constructivism - An overview of theories about how people learn.
  4. Knowledge for Teaching - The roles that various types of knowledge play in teaching.
  5. Question Strategies - Using different kinds of questions in teaching.
  6. Journal of a Math Teaching Assistant - Description of beginning TAs' experiences.
  7. Mathematical Autobiographies - A window into the experiences students bring with them to your class.
  8. Mid-term Evaluations - Research findings about student evaluations of teaching.
  9. Technology - Ideas from research on the use of web-based homework systems.
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